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When will asus release android 11 for ROG phone 2?
Should we expect an update for the same or not?
seeing condition of asus max pro series and company track records.

Rising Star I
Moreover ghost touch after update delay in touch movement sometimes its working by its own...

Rising Star II
Asus needs to look into the mirror now. "Will I get 2nd android update?" Should not be even be discussed for high-end phones. Plus triggers logo and all that stuff have libraries made can just easily be ported new Android versions its just matter of making new build using existing code. They are just making it look tough to buy themselves some time.

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There is no confirmed timeline to share yet. Stay tuned for more info on this.

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How much time is needed to confirm the verdict? We have been waiting since forever now. Its high-end device we should not be wasting time discussing this stuff.

Rising Star II
I really hope the fate of ROG2 is not like ROG1, waiting a year for an answer only for them to be told they wont get A10.

£900 I spent on this phone. Big regret.

Rising Star I
All I want is just to use third party launcher with gesture navigation 😞 Seen Zenfone 6 got this in A11 upgrade. Hope my ROG2 get this as well.