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To those willing to downgrade from android 10 to 9 because you are just tired of asus playing jokes on us, you are at the right post!
so to downgrade from current buggy android 10, you must backup your data because if you downgrade all your data will be lost, so be aware of this.
now that you have backed up your data, you must go to this link
For Global users (WW):
For China/Tencent ROM users (CN):

After downloading the zip, you must move your zipfile to the root of your storage device which means it should not be inside any folder. After that just restart your device and after restart it will detect update. click on the notification and it will start this update, after update click reboot and let it finish the update, it will take sometime to boot up on logo since you just downloaded new firmware. After this you device will be on android 9 and you will need to setup your device again.

Hopefully this helped!

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Akash Gupta

Make sure to download the exact version of your phone, if your phone has global rom (WW) then download the global one and if you phone has chinese rom then download the chinese rom (CN)

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Figured it out. I had multiple copies of the file. My internet was acting buggy so some of them were unfinished. Anyway there was a (2) at the end of the file name so the update manager wasn't picking up on it. I removed the (2) from the file name and it recognized it right away. Probably gonna stick with Android 9 for a bit since the battery life is much much better than what I was getting with A10. The latest update was absolutely horrible

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@sauravshanbhogue i want to know one u charge ur phone via extension board or direct?

Whoever getting switch off problem..are they using extension board for charging or direct?

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Direct charging bro. I never overcharge neither do I use 3rd party chargers. And more importantly I do not charge overnight.