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Air Trigger issue

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Experiencing some issue with my right air trigger. Button press is sometimes unresponsive and intermittent. Notice it after the latest firmware update. Sometimes the button press would "flicker" when I'm holding it down. Want to know if it's a software bug or hardware issue. Hopefully someone can enlighten me.
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Mine is global 12/512 version. After the previous update, the frequency that the issue happen to me is greatly reduced. But once in awhile it still happens.

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Hi All,

Like everyone else i have the issue where my left trigger fires even when i touch the back of my phone.
This happens once the phone is heated ie. after playing for 10mins. I had given my phone for servicing to Asus but it came back as is.
But, this is clearly a hardware issue as it only occurs when the phone is hot.
Also, attaching a video showing the same for reference.
please help.

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@arpitgenius ... Can you attach here the screen recording of the problem that you are facing???

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Video with the same issue.

i am facing fingerprint sensor issue and both Air trigger button when i play pub g

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They are not doing anything for this issue. With every update they said it's done or the problem has been solved but nothing changed. Service center is pure shit as they don't know much about the phone yet. I will never recommend any anybody to buy asus. A big regret and waste of money after buying it.