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Star III

Hello everyone, I went to the settings by mistake, and now when I enter PUBG I have that black border, it is no longer visible on the entire display, how do I make the entire screen visible again? Now you can see a black line where the phone's camera is and down in the status bar, I want that black stripe to disappear and to be seen further from the phone's front camera


Star I

Hey there! Sounds like you accidentally messed up your display settings in PUBG. To fix the black border issue, try adjusting your aspect ratio or resolution settings in the game's settings menu. Look for options related to screen size or display settings and tweak them until the entire screen is visible again. As for relating it to Traffic Rider Mod APK old version , just like tweaking settings in PUBG, sometimes with older versions of mods, you might encounter display issues or glitches that require adjustments or updates to resolve. So, it's all about finding the right settings or updates to ensure smooth gameplay.