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ROG Phone 8 USB File Transfer Problem, Keeps Disconnecting and Failing

Star II

I'm trying to transfer 500gb of music over to my 1TB ROG Phone 8. I've done this with my Sony and One Plus. During transfer, after about 3 minutes the ROG Phone 8 disconnects and stops the file transfer. What's going on? What setting do I need to ammend?


Rising Star I

It might be dirt on the connector.  I squirt distilled water in both ends, shake it out, let it dry, and it works for a few more months.

It's the Phone doing something unfortunately. I think it's crashing with the large file. As it can transfer about 40GB just fine.

Rising Star I

I'm the same when moving/copying files over 100GB via USB, so if I need to transfer large files like this, I'll transfer via smb or ftp in file explorer instead.