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Rog phone 8 pro

Star II

Is it wise to buy rog phone 8 pro right now??

I want to upgrade from rog 6 pro....

Or should I just wait


Star III
If you plan to take shooter games, and you plan to use triggers, then you should not...

Star III

Phone is super broken at the moment, stay away 

Star II

Well in asus rog phone 8 pro after this software update V34.1420.1420.325 this phone becoming trash now since they have started to ruin phone's performance I can't play genshin Impact in dynamic mode which I could do easily before the updates..let me tell you something.. No matter what what other says that how they are improving it. As a user of asus rog phone 8 pro im really regretting it..and here everyone...well I can make a bet that they don't know a thing about what exactly they have doing with it's performance..they might will say antutu scores got higher after update but those guys will never gonna notice about how much this phone's CPU and GPU scoring before the update and after the update. They are gonna blind you.