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Rog phone 8 pro update

Star III

Hi, everyone. New update came 407


Star III

Rising Star I

Air Triggers seem to work with the screen on, but they still are completely broken with the screen off.  Pocket Mode still doesn't work.

That's weird. My Air Triggers work perfectly fine wether the screen's on or off. As for Pocket Mode, I can't say coz I an not utilizing it.

Did you adjust any settings to get Air Triggers working?  I turned off "Background app management" because that breaks absolutely everything.

I set the bottom long-trigger for flashlight and both long-trigger for camera.   Nothing happens when the screen is off and the phone is still.  Tapping or shaking the phone makes them work, sometimes long after they were touched.  At least a few times a day I'll set the phone down on a table and the camera will launch. 

Pocket mode doesn't work at all.  The proximity sensor has only a 1 cm range.  When I cover it, it does nothing but disable the pattern unlock.  Air Triggers still randomly fire and the screen can stay awake forever as long as something is touching it.  If I put something on top of the proximity sensor and leave the phone alone, the notification LED sometimes blinks like the sensor quit working for a moment.

Walking with the phone in my pocket drains my phone faster than surfing the web.