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Rog Phone 8 Pro issue

Star II

So, recently there was an system software update and i don't know what was done, but now i constantly get different type of crashes e.g. i try to go into network settings and the phone just freezes, black screen  and then Setting isn't responding appears. Yesterday and today the phone has restarted itself multiple times. I've never encountered so many issues with a brand new phone, really disappointing, but not sure is it Rog Phone thing ir us it Android 14 problem. Might return the phone while i have the possibility 😕


Rising Star I

This might be weird but can you restart your phone by holding volume down+Power button simultaneously? That forces a complete restart, as if you had taken the battery out and put it back again

I had a phone with a custom ROM I installed that also had some random crashes and restarts, but stopped once I did that. If that doesn't work, try turning it off and then pressing volume down+power until it turns on.

Otherwise I would advise you try connecting to a PC, turn on wireless debugging and try to take a log of the phone until it crashes. You might simply had some app crashing on the background. That has also happened to me.


I'll definitely try this and will keep an eye how the phone os doing after your suggestions. Really hope this will help.

Thank you for the help and input 🙂

What I would recommend is doing a factory reset, that way you'll end up with a clean install of the OS, it's always good to do 😄