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Rog phone 8 pro Air Triggers bug

Star II

So i bought this phone with alot of expectation.

I found a bug/problem with the Air Triggers.

I tested it on all FPS games and i can guaranty that is not a game problem, it's the phone problem.

When i'm not moving the crosshair and i hit fire ( with the air trigger), i can't move the crosshair (while firing). It means when i hit fire, the crosshair is fixed to 1 position, i can't move it.

But. When i hit fire (with the air trigger) while moving the crosshair, the crosshair can move with my guns firing.

Let me explain it another way:

Let say my target is standing and i shoot at him. If he moves, i can't move my aim after him while the gun is firing. The crosshair fixed at 1 position.

But if my target is running around and i am moving the aim after him. When the aim is moving and i hit fire, now i can move the aim when the gun is firing.

This is bad. Very bad. I spend 1200€ for the phone's worst than a normal phone with a trigger Accessory.

Can you please fix this? I still want to gaming on this phone because i don't have to use accessory and i have a side usb for headphones.


What update its this???

I heave update 34.1420.1420.316 but dont working...

Rising Star II

@Louis6789 Which update ?

Version number?

Yeah , what update I'm on the latest and it's not fixed 

Star II

This update