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Rog phone 8 pro air trigger problem!

Star II

Hi! What's going on with air triggers? Why are they so bad at pinching? In the video, they are clamped, and not just clicking! Is it a mechanism failure or a firmware bug? Rog phone 8 pro, update: ww_34.1420.1420.218


Star II

I returned the phone to the point of sale. I wish everyone to do the same, maybe ASUS will understand its mistake! To ruin the gaming experience on a gaming device is a shame for ASUS. I returned to ROG 6.

Rising Star II

I think you could wait for atleast 2 more update for air trigger. I strongly feel its a software glitch .

Asus may fix this in upcoming update cause they now collecting the data from different regions about problem which are in ROG 8.

They Just launched the Phone and every device has some sort of errors in their software after the launch. And can be fix with more data collection.

Yeah well I just realized it's defective and activating also from the edge of the phone so it really is not a software more of a assembly thing they might all be defective 

Star II

They are not UltraSonic anymore but Pressure Sensitive. Are ok...ish on tap-tap-tap but on tap-hold are a total disaster...never the same. I'm on the fifth day of trying to understand them but unfortunately there's nothing we can do.

I've had them all since the first one only for a reason and none of them disappointed me like this one.

They sacrifice their trademark for the comercial design. They thought an iPhone user will come running for their new fresh good looking "gaming" phone.

Great job ASUS!