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ROG Phone 8 AT&T no calls

Star III

Got the global version of the ROG Phone 8 Pro. Can't make call through AT&T. Any estimate on a firmware update to address this issue like maybe nearing along side the US version when that comes out. A firmware update can fix this as I have experienced this before when upgrading to the next ROG phones


I think Asus did create the listing so it appears as their US version. The problem is amazon letting other sellers get into the offcial listing without being officials themselves.

Someone needs to shut this scam down asap these rats know **bleep** well what they are doing and the stupid hazmat thing over a measly cell phone battery is all the confirmation I need.

Star II

If you want to enter *#*#3642623344#*#* every time the phone reboots to force enable VoLTE so phone calls work and have no 5G it is what it is. Otherwise you will need the US version of the phone. I'm sorry you are in the same situation after spending like 1300$.