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ROG 8 pro touch problem

Star II

Today I changed my battery profile to ultra durable and was watching TikTok. After I went back to phone home page, I couldn't swipe left or right. Luckily I was able to record it. It seems like there is a touch problem. When I touch screen I see it touching another place on the screen automatically . I tried to change battery profile back to dynamic. But still the issue persisted. It was solved after phone restart. Asus pls fix this. 



Hello @sameeh6056 
Thanks for the video, I am trying to recreate the issue but I can't seem to recreate it, did you change the setting through Armoury Crate? Or via Quick settings?

Just to check, which firmware version are you on?

I changed profile through quick setting. Here is my phone information. After that day, it never happened to me yet. Btw can you tell me how to use air trigger to take picture from camera? I tried to find that setting but couldn't find.