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ROG 8 Pro - Android system & Wakelocks Excesive Background Battery Usage

Rising Star I

I have the 512gb version of the ROG 8 pro, and I noticed that after the new update, the phone performs quite well except for 1 point.

The excessive usage of background process and wakelocks the android system generates. 

Most of the battery the phone consumes while idle or in regular non-gaming usage comes from the android system itself rather than the games or apps. A behavior I've never seen in other phones.

Even passively when the screen is locked using dynamic mode, not even X mode.

I've used multiple battery monitoring apps with admin permissions to monitor this and yet the system seems to be the main culprit in multiple scenarios.

I hope the next security update can address some of the background management issues.


Star I

SAME HERE, ABOUT 50% OF BATTERY  usage were cause by  system background process while I was sleeping... 

Rising Star II

Yea i have the same problem.

Try to see if updating the google play system maybe will fixed it. Its kinda weird behavior that its draining so much in the background.


Hi, most of these issues that appear after an update are normally fixed after a reset, please try it and let me know if it solves your problem 🙂

I have attempted multiple reboots and this problem persists.

Additionally the update is by no means new, I installed it minutes after I opened the box and turned on the phone for the first time. I have only been using the phone with the update installed.