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ROG 8 have problem with some 5G signal

Star III

This phone can not detect hotshot from iphone 13 pro max because of The 5GB signal. On Samsung phone hotshot can not detect either. But if I change hotshot setting to use 2.4gz, now ROG 8 can detect the signal. 


Rising Star II

Did you have Tencent model?

There is a restriction about wifi channel being limited up to channel 48. Anything higher is restricted. 

This applies to any device that sell in China 

Yes my phone from china but it global version

Not Tencent model !

I know because no Tencent word on my phone at the back.

Can we unlock this with next firmware update because I can't 😞 use my friend hotshot. Also this is expensive device should be can do anything. Please unlock🙏🙏😔!