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Rog 8 Airtrigger Review

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Hi All,
I am planning to buy Rog 8 pro but i have heard that their airtriggers has downgraded. Can anyone confirm this fact?
There are basically zero phone with air trigger in india with latest processor so I stuck with the asus. Altho i have been using asus zenfone for quite some time now but want to upgrade to rog 8 now only because of air trigger to play some games and if the air trigger suck then i don't wanna waste such a huge amount on this phone.
Could you guys please confirm this?
Thanks all.


Rising Star I

I wouldn't necessarily know if it's a downgrade, but they did change them from the ultrasonic ones the ROG 7 had.

I have heard people complain, but not really about how they don't work, more along the lines of how the Previous models worked better.

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  • If you want a good device with an air trigger, I advise you to get an older device such as the 7.


I have the 8 pro version, and the trigger is very bad.. triggers don't release anything which makes it harder to press.


In my land use I have a 14 day reflection period, which means that I will return my device. I think it's a nuisance, I thought it was a nice devicee

Same, I have two days left to return it and I sincerely wonder, I have the same problem with my Pro version and the problem also occurs with the buttons of the aero cooler

I have seen some  controllers that use bluetooth and allow for the aeroactive cooler to still be connected.  They come with shoulder buttons and they are relatively cheap. If you like the phone but the triggers are a caviat, then that might be the solution.