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Re: ROG 8 Pro Cases

I'm curious to know what people think would be the best case for the 8 Pro? The one that comes with it doesn't seem like the most shock absorbent one in the world, but I also don't want anything to bulky.



Out of personal experience, they do get kinda bulky the more protective they are, but I would say the Devilcase for the ROG Phone 8 is a solid choice.

They create a cover that works with the Aeroactive cooler X, awesome. But $70 dollars for that doesn't make me sense for a case... 

Thanks. I'll look into it. I completely forgot that I ordered the Foluu (not sure if I spelled that right) one, and it came the that same day I posted this question. It is a little bulky, but for now that'll be perfect for when I'm at work.

Rising Star I

I tried 3 different cases, since I like full coverage without being too bulky

I tried some from aliexpress but they had molding and fitting mistakes

The stock one was decent but it didn't cover all edges

This one is the best I tried

feels more premium than the price might indicate, and you have color options. It even has a windows for the ANime vision, and holes for the triggers. The only thing missing is compatibility with the cooler