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News regarding update?

Rising Star II

Still waiting for next ROG 8 Update .

Any news regarding update cause it has been 3 week since we submitted our problem to ROG Team.


Rising Star I

Yes, the phone is currently unusable for playing with triggers ....

Rising Star II

Absolutely Right 👍. Cooler Button also sleeping after every 8-10 second of unused. Can't Play as we wanted.

Team ROG 8 Pro any news regarding to fix this issues? 

Kindly Update us.

@Vikas_Rathore Are you finding issues with the buttons with the cooler?

@Mattias_ASUS  Absolutely currently all four triger 2 Pressure Trigger + 2 Cooler Button are like useless. Let me explain again the whole Problem.

Problem with Airtrigger (Pressure trigger) - 1 : They are hard to press currently they required high pressure.

2: They are very less stable. Most often they don't work by pressing while playing game like pubg and codm specially when you connect with Aero Active cooler X.

3 : These are very inconsistent like when you holding it by pressing and they suddenly stopped working. For example you are shooting to someone continuosly and it stop shooting although you are holding the Triggers same as when it was working.

( I think can be fix like if they add options similar like finger resting as in previous model)

Now Problem with Cooler Button:  1 : Only Problem with cooler button is they feel like they went in sleep mode after every 8-10 second of unuse to them while playing game like Pubg and CODM. 

For example when you set fire button with cooler button and after unuse of any button from cooler for 8-10 second they went like in sleep mode. And when you use it after 8-10 second they don't respond it fast as it feels like they respond  after half a second delay in triggering action. If you use them continuesly they work fine . ( BUT you can't use continuosly any trigger). 

This needs to fix with less response time.


Problem with AC Mode - if you play games in User mode cooler suddenly disconnect while longer session of games.

  If you play in X mode it happens same to me.

But if you play in Dynamic mode cooler do not disconnect frequently while longer session of gaming.

That's all i can explain hope you @Mattias_ASUS   forward it to ROG team and they will work on it.

Thank you in advance