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Star I

rog phone 8 pro . problems with the camera. After the last update the camera is always shaking making it impossible to take photos or videos. Any solution?


Rising Star I

Well, if it isn't the software then it might be something else.

First try a complete reboot by holding volume down + power button until the phone reboots itself. Or alternatively turn it off and then hold volume down + power button until the phone boots up.

Try the camera again, if it still shows the same problem, try going into camera setting and check if everything is turned on. Maybe stabilization accidentally is off.

If all of that doesn't work, then it might actually be a glitch in the update. And you'll have to have some moderator in the forum push it to development so they can fix it.

I've already tried all the camera settings and I've already done a factory reset. nothing improved.

Rising Star I

Yep, that is very bad. Maybe @Mattias_ASUS can push a ticket so the team can fix it.

thank you very much. I am going to try .