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General Questions about Rog Phone

Hello,I am planning to try Rog phones for the first time. I have a couple of questions please:1) When a new notification is received, can the notification info pop up while the screen is off? Can we decide which application can have this feature? I u...

Rog phone 8 pro Air Triggers bug

So i bought this phone with alot of expectation.I found a bug/problem with the Air Triggers.I tested it on all FPS games and i can guaranty that is not a game problem, it's the phone problem.When i'm not moving the crosshair and i hit fire ( with the...

Pubg trigger shoot problem

I have a problem with the phone Rog 8 pro, when I play PUBG and I want to shoot at the opponent, I only shoot 5-10 bullets and then it stops even though I keep my finger on the trigger... sometimes I can only move left-right half of the angle where I...

Z11 Ultra or ROG 8 Pro?

Thanks to the recent leaks, the new Zenfone 11 ultra has been unveiled. And unlike most fans of the ROG and Zenfone lines I actually wanted a phone to look like this, more normal looking than the previous ROG but bigger than the previous zenfone. Plu...

eyesis by Star I
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Ultra Refresh Rate in Mobile legends

I have problem playing Mobile legends on ROG phone 8. I set the refresh rate to ultra refresh rate but still the FPS is 60 which should be 120 when you turn on ultra refresh rate. I already set the default refresh rate to Game genie to 120 but still ...

Kyoshi by Star II
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Resolved! Volte in Romania

Are we ever going to have VoLTE in Romania for Rog Phone 8 Pro for orange? It can't be that expensive to make a deal with orange RO to have the correct mbn file. 

ComicoX by Star II
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Resolved! Rog phone 8 pro air trigger problem!

Hi! What's going on with air triggers? Why are they so bad at pinching? In the video, they are clamped, and not just clicking! Is it a mechanism failure or a firmware bug? Rog phone 8 pro, update: ww_34.1420.1420.218