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My phone is on the latest firmware .325

Its stuck rebooting everytime i have WiFi and Mobile Data on. Once these two are on the phone stays rebooting. Once i turn them off the phone boots normally. I can't use internet at all on the phone if i turn any of them on the phone crashing on goes in a bootloop and keeps on rebooting! I just got this phone and i was so excited about it no im really aggravated. I spent a $1000 from Asus official website and got the US version so i have no issues but i ended up with a phone that i cannot use. Please help with this issue its urgent.


This is so serious I can't even use my new phone. 

Star III

Can someone please look in to this??

Star I

After letting it bootloop untouched for a couple of boot loops, my phone went into recovery mode and offered to factory reset. I ended up doing the factory reset today and the phone works now without looping. To be safe, I didn't use the phone to phone transfer the second time around and just reinstalled all my apps manually and used asus phone clone to bring over my call log and SMS messages.

Now, my bootloop started overnight, so I am waiting to see if it bootloops again overnight before I call it fixed. But I thought I should let you know that is an option.

Star III

I noticed that the boot loop happens when you turn off the phone and turn it on after like you finish setting up everything on the phone and then it screws you up after you restart the phone with a boot loop crash. Try restarting your phone and see if it happens if it does happen take off the sim card that what I think is the issue the 5G trying to connect that's what I'm assuming.

What I don't understand is where are the mods where is the support to help us recover from this big issue that we can't use our phones our new called phones this is so devastating