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Asus is trolling its customer...worse gaming phone ever!

Star II

With Rog 7 absolutely destroyed by Asus with A14 updates which causing multiple big of which is crazy fps dropping like crazy from 120fps to 60fps multiple times in a game. While their customer service hk replies since it is occasional frame drop it appears stable to them. Thanks Asus for running away with your problem.

Now Rog8, i really don't understand how a nearly launch phone can also have so many issue. It comes with A14 out of box, do they even test it before launch? or they fully aware of the issue but just go ahead and get our money. Its either their dev team is so incompetent or Asus is trolling their customer. Either way, completely lose trust with them and will change phone. Share this because i hope others know this so they won't have the same bad experience as i did.


Rising Star I

I already screwed up myself, but that's why I'm writing here, to prevent more people to do the same mistake!

More people will see this so-called support forum when researching for this rog-sh*t phone and know what is the attitude of asus towards the customer- they take our money and then keep silent and deny the problems.

What a shameless thieves!!!