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Star I

Hello, I have an asus rog phone 8 pro and I keep trying to download applications outside the play store, I mean from browse, and it keeps giving me an error like the application is not compatible with the phone Any idea what should be done? It's the first android phone I've had this happen to 



Rising Star I

I had this problem before I returned my ROG 8 pro

Apparently with Android 14, many apps with an sdk target lower than 22 won't be able to install. There was also an app I tried downloading the apk and I couldn't install it so I had to look somewhere else to find it with the correct SDK target.

If you don't want or can't find a version with a newer sdk, then you can use adb to install it. You'll need to download the adb platform tools; learn how to use commands and then do the following:

If you try

adb install name_of_package.apk

 You might get an error message saying: INSTALL_FAILED_DEPRECATED_SDK_VERSION: App package must target at least SDK version 23, but found 22

Then you'll be able to install the app by using:

adb install --bypass-low-target-sdk-block name_of_package.apk

 Alternatively you can use an app called install with options, which will be able to install the app as it lets you install things while bypassing old sdk restrictions. That being said, that app needs shizuku authorization, which still needs adb. So you might as well try and learn.

Rising Star II

The snapdragon 8gen3 did drop the support of 32bit apps. Only Xiaomi is the only company with a translation layer over it to still run old apps. So its normal that 32bit apps don't work anymore on the current flagships.