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AirTrigger and Background Macro mode bug

Star I

About AirTriggers, I've heard people saying (and have experienced myself) that they are working inconsistently, and I don't know if this can be solved by software update. So far, newer levels of pressure have been introduced but consistency is still bad. Another problem is that the right AirTrigger can be accidentally triggered by slightly bending the corner of the phone. At times, it can even be triggered when I'm holding the phone with one hand, which is crazy. 

And now on the Macro, it is bugged in background mode. It is technically still running, but the timeline or mapping or something else is bugged, resulting in unintended outcomes. The Macro would run perfectly when in the foreground, but in background every run fails to produce the desired outcome.


Star III

I confirm that the triggers are really stupid, but the left one works better than the right one, it doesn’t always work 

Rising Star II

I think the air triggers problems is just by hardware design. You can't fix it with software only increase the sensitivity to the highest can half fix it. The size of the air triggers area are 3.4 cm each size ( in that area it will detect the triggers).


I recommend updating to the latest firmware version if you haven't done it yet and try how it feels 🙂