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1500€ of pure Garbage 🗑️.

Star III

How can we have trigger issues on a 1500€ gaming phone????? Is all perfect, performance, refresh rate, gaming quality. And? And the f***ing triggers shutdown on a middle of a fight 😂😂😂😂😂 imagine to buy a BMW M4 CS And when U kickdown U lose your tires .


Rising Star I

Is this before or after yesterday's update? It was made to specifically address the problems with the triggers.

I still have the issue

Hello @Beatles , what issue are you having?

Hi @Mattias_ASUS my triggers shutdown while I play cod mobile warzone mobile and other fps games, I've never had such a problem with the Rogphone 6D and 6D ultimate, the sensitivity setup is bugged 😅 I've already done every update, I was thinking about to make a reset of the phone too , can U help me?