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VoLTE and VoWiFi not working ROG Phone 7

Star III

Hi I am from Switzerland, I have two SIM from two different carriers and both support VoLTE. Swisscom and Sunrise... However I don't have the option in my ROG 7 Ultimate to turn VoLTE. What can I do?



Oh, i got that. And it's on, but it does not work. As soon someone calls me the regular phone number, the phone switches to 3G And all my internet connection drops. Again , the same SIM works flawlessly in a Samsung phone.  Thanks for the help




Can you try checking your IMS status using these steps?

The dialer code is *#*#INFO#*#*. This is what it would look like if VoLTE is working.

Screenshot_20240107-145758_Telephony_Service (1).png

Again I can't dial anything that stats with *#*# and ends with #*#* 


As soon I use such a code the dialer just closes. No way to actually dial it



In the link you sent me, what do they mean by "(closed)"?


That is expected for some codes, as they simply toggle a system flag in the background. For *#*#INFO#*#*, a menu will come up.

Ignore the "(closed)" thing, that's a formatting error.

I did it.  It says VoLTE available