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USB C to audio jack dongle

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I bought a USB C to audio jack dongle a few days ago, but it seems like the dongle is not compatible. I want to use my wired headphone using the side usb c port while playing games. Any suggestions on what kind/model of dongle I should buy that is compatible with ROG Phone 7?


Star III

@Krain_Rain  helo , Please order Asus ROG Headphone from official site or online resellers ,it works fine 


Hi, do you have anything else connected while using the dongle?

I have found the problem, it's stated in the manual of the dongle, it's not compatible with phone that already have 3.5mm audio jack. I thought all dongle are the same, never knew that and money wasted. Anyway, thanks. Any suggestions on headset, preferably over-the-ear headset with 2.4ghz dongle? In-ear earphones can make my ear uncomfortable if used for a long period of time. Thanks.

When it comes to Over Ears, I've tried the ROG Delta S Wireless and the ASUS TUF Gaming H3 Wireless, but technically any wireless headset with either Bluetooth or a USB-C dongle should work just fine.
(If you are into things that require good timing then pick ones with a dongle)