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Upgrading to Rog phone 6 or 7?

Star I

As title states I'm thinking about upgrading. I currently have the rog phone 5 and love it, unfortunately 2 things have happened that's making me consider upgrading.

Let my kid use my phone for 15 minutes during a wedding rehearsal and she dropped it flat on its back which disconnected the sim reader. Fixed now, but at the cost of a new backplate and new battery. (Accidentally cut the battery open during repairs) this happened last year. I didn't replace the battery until January (waited because I didn't notice until battery started expanding).

Wife dropped the phone while on vacation and it landed in the middle of the volume buttons jamming it. Managed to fix that but volume buttons aren't quite the same. This happened 2 weeks ago

No I didn't pay for the phone. Wife got it for me as a present for Father's day 2 years ago.

Amazon has the 6 at 760 for 512gb/16

7 at 1000 for 256/12

Send advice please 🙃


Star III

I have not tried ROG 6, but I recently bought 7 ultimate, and I am coming from ROG Phone 3. Key differences I experienced are below:


1. Lighter

2. Lower Temps at idle and playing (CODM)

3. Faster Phone coming from Snapdragon 865 5G+ going to Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

4. better looking phone.


Not a fan of the New Aerocooler. There is no Video out for the AeroActive for ROG 7. Meaning, I cannot use the cooler if say I want to display out to my external monitor/capture card. I remedied that by getting a 3rd party cooler.


I did not upgrade to 6 before because they said that Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 runs hot and should wait for ROG 6D/7. 6D was is run by a Dimensity Procie, which also runs hot. So i think i made the right choice.

Rising Star I

of course ROG 7..

I don't prefer ROG7 Ultimate.. but If u r fan of 2" OLED display (on the back) +  AeroActive Cooler go for the extra bucks...though specifications are exactly same.

my personal preference Illuminated RGB logo (on the back)

I am coming from asus rog 2 to direct rog 7

big jump and I am a big fan of asus..

Though its a gaming phone but I don't play games, I am just hardcore dedicated daily activity user.