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Unable to take screenshots on banking apps

Star I


After the latest android 14 update I'm unable to take screenshots from baking apps.  When I take a screenshot is says sensitive data and the screenshot is dead black. I have tried the same apps on iOS and no issues taking screenshots. is there a way I can fix this on my ROG 7? 

Thanx in advance.


Rising Star II

did you try or ask your friend who use other brand android 14 phone ? if i'm not wrong, this is an issue related to the apps, os won't prevent this. im saying this because my banking app prevent screenshot even from android 13 and below.


actually it's not an issue as this is done to help privacy issue.

Star I

Thanx for the reply.. Yes I checked with another android users and thru having the same issue so it's not the app. It's the OS. But apple users have no issues taking screenshots from the same apps.