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Ultra Durable Power Profile Reducing Network Speed

Star I

As title suggests i've recently began having an issue with my Rog Phone 7 which i'm pretty sure I never used to have.

I've recently found that when using my phone in the Ultra Durable power plan, which i've always done 99.99% of the time that I was only getting 4G as my carrier doesn't have 5G in my town... yet. Previously, I was certain I was getting 4G+ with satisfactory network speeds.

I updated my phone to no avail. I was doing some quick googling and found a throw away comment about power plans potentially reducing network speed/capability to save power so I tried it and switch back to the "Dynamic" power plan. As soon as I swapped to Dynamic I noticed the network disconnect and reconnect to 4G+ which, in a speed test, almost doubled the network download speed.

Now, I like this phone for how long the battery lasts in Ultra Durable and don't want to have to switch power plans every time I need faster internet for streaming movies etc which will kill the battery faster too.

Is there any way for me to stop Ultra Durable from turning off this faster network setting?

Thanks in advance.


Rising Star II

As far as I know , so many issues have been immerged as soon as you update your phone to android 14. If you are one of those users who did that you might as well wait for God knows how long. I'm also facing tons of issues since I upgraded to 14  and overheating is one of them which I'm pretty sure never existed in the first place on android 13. 

Hope Asus @Mattias_ASUS give us all a fix for the next upcoming update


Hello and thanks @MrTea  for the information, will send it to the devs so that they can look upon it.
Just one quick question, which firmware version are you on?

Hi. Thanks for the reply.

I'm currently updated to build number WW.0820.0810.241.