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Rog phone 7 wifi weak

Rising Star I

I am using rog 7 watching Instagram and my friend did same thing with his iphone, his video is playing and my video still hang and no loading. Same wifi. How to solve this problem? 

The problem getting worst, loading other apps will have same problem.  Even the wifi working well on other phone. Only this rog phone 7 stuck at beginning.


Star I

It happens to my rog phone 7 too after update system, other phone connect rog7 hotspot has same issue....

Star II

After system update to latest version 225 wifi reception weaker and sometimes wont maintain connection even close to router. Must reset network everytime. My spare phone s22 ultra don't have this issues. 

Rising Star I

One question took few months to answer.......what ridiculous forum. No point getting Asus device anymore 

Sent mine out for repairs and got it back saying couldn't replicate the problem. What a joke. The second I got it back I went into a different room n tested wifi and only got 6mbps when my Asus 5s gets over 400 in that room.