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Rog 7 worse experience ever with Asus

Star II

Was so hyped when first using ROG 7 in HK and always trusted ASUS to be best at gaming phone..but seems their ROG phone is failing in the gaming industry and they doesn't care. So I hope everyone reconsider if ever buying their phone.

ROG7 was all good up until it auto updated it to android 14 without properly testing it. FPS drop like crazy from 120fps to 60fps. I use this phone to play fast pace and FPS game such as CODM which is why I bought this phone. Factory reset, re-installing and default setting..nothing helps. I recorded many videos of game play with FPS real time meter, showing FPS drop in multiple times throughout the game and contacted Customer Service Support in hong kong and was asked to share them the video for check which i did. My worse experience is that it takes weeks without any follow up from them and eventually i needed to contact them to follow up which they denied any issue by replying that there is only an occasional frame drop which seems stable to them..which i think is both disappointed and unacceptable. If frame drop is expected based on their reply, I might as well use an iphone for better gaming experience. I hope Asus management really think about this.

My friend recently bought their Rog8 and also has multiple bug including screen sensitivity and air trigger, they really doesn't care fixing any of this. I am buying another phone. I am sharing this because i don't want others to have the same bad experience



Hello @MartinKo55 
I apologize for the inconvenience, I am sending this information to the dev team. 


You always do the same thing and things don't change. I hope that no one buys phones from you anymore, because these "gaming phones" have a worse gaming experience than a hundred euro cheap handsets that are not even made for gaming. Just lie more because people are starting to realize that Rog phones are complete crap these days and you only lose money by buying them. The Rog 8 phone is already junk when it comes from the factory. Why would we believe that these problems will be fixed because for example the Rog Phone 5 met this same fate and it was never fixed either. Now you put the A14 update with the Rog phone 6 and now it's complete crap too.

Ah, my beloved ROG 7, after the Android 14 update, you've truly outdone yourself with those magnificent performance drops. Who needs seamless gaming experiences when you can have the thrill of uncertainty with every frame?

I absolutely love it when my flagship gaming phone decides to treat me with some unexpected frame drops. It's like a bonus feature I never knew I wanted. Who needs smooth gameplay anyway? It's not like I bought this phone specifically for its gaming prowess or anything.

Thank you, ROG 7, for keeping me on my toes and reminding me to appreciate the little things in life, like a smooth frame rate. Truly, you are a masterpiece of technological unpredictability.

I tried here in India but its even worse of all as the service centre guy said that they wont be able to do a roll down to android 13 as there was an android 14 update to fix issues in android 13 , what cr#p . worst ever decision to buy Asus ROG phone 7, the cherry on the cake is the support from Asus its just so painful that confirms my decision not to buy Asus phone any more.