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Questions about the different versions of the ROG phone 7

Star I

I am looking to buy an ROG phone 7 but I've been reading that there are key differences on the different versions available. Some are GSM and no CDMA, there's north america and global versions, a tecent one that I have no idea what it does or what differentiates it from the other.

I live in the US, I have Mint mobile and I occasionally travel to south america. Which version is the best for my case?

I say it cause I saw a tecent 512GB version for 850$ compared to the usual 1099$.

Also, is the phone's screen flat? I wanna use screen protectors.



The safest option is to buy a phone from a certified reseller in your country.

The Tencent variant is made exclusively for the Chinese market and is not supported outside of China, which means no warranty or support.

Why do you allow sellers on AliExpress to sell Tencent phones with global firmware? And only after the purchase does an honest buyer find out that he has no support and warranty?

Oh, we definitely do not encourage it, but most AliExpress sellers act by themselves and re-selling a modified device is not a crime.

Star II

You do not want the Tencent version unless you live in China as the bands are extremely limited and you will most likely have bad or no signal outside of China.

Use this link and select your country to see what bands and carrier support the different ROG Phone 7 models have in your country: