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Overheating after updating to android 14

Rising Star II

Hi everyone, 

I am a normal user and I don't play ANY games at all on my rog phone 7 and I ONLY do some phone calls and surfing on Instagram.

For some unknown reasons , after updating to android 14, build No WW_34.1010.0820.60 , when my phone is being IDLE , it's temperature is around 27 to 28 C which used to be 19 to 20 C when checked on Armoury Crate .

Although , my phone heats up to 29 to 33 C when I do some surfing on the web, checking mails, Instagram , and Telegram which is very weird and shocking because it has never happened to my rog phone 7 when I was on Android 13 before upgrading ; No to mention, I don't have any apps running on the background.

I had to make sure not any apps causing this so I started my phone on safe boot and it didn't make any differences. 

I did a hard reset / wipe data cache but that didn't do the trick and much of a help either.

FYI: I am always on Ultra durable mode.

I was wondering, if anyone else is having the same issue ? or is there anything that I could do to solve this issue ? 

All I know is that , it's not normal because it wasn't like this before upgrading to Android 14.

I'd appreciate that if someone could help me out here. Thanks in advance.


Rising Star II

No moderators? Then what's the use of this forum ? 

Hello @Sam1991, thanks for the information.
I don't have an exact answer to your question but I've forwarded the information to our dev team.

Hi @Mattias_ASUS ,

I'm looking forward to hearing from you again as soon as you have an update.


LoooooL , you think they will answer you soon !!! Just forget it ,they are not doing anything for any issues