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Not able to update

Star I

I got the rog phone 7 ultimate and to this date have not received a system update or security patch. 

Build versión is 33.0820.0810. 121

And last android security patch is March 1, 2023



Star III

Sounds like u got a rooted phone bro, they don't get updates

Rising Star II

try bring it to the asus service center in your town, let them check the firmware u use, if needed let them flash the phone with original one and lock the bootloader. Backup your phone before you go there, as this usually means losing all the data on the progress.


ps: ask if they have android 13 firmware, and after u got your phone back, turn off the auto update software. Wait and see on the progress regarding bugs and overheat problem on android 14 got solved first.


Hello @tremor_al 
This can happen if the phone has been rooted, mostly common in Tencent versions, with this the phones also lose the function to be updated automatically and all warranty is voided.

But to be sure, feel free to send me a PM with your serial number and IMEI number so the team can check your status.