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lost rog 7

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i lost my rog 7 and i already tried the find my device to trace my phone, but the last location that registered in google is the last time i open my data....anyone could help me to trace my phone


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Have simcard inside it or any apps that use location?

Plus do you remember the last location before it went missing?

 Have any other apps that tracks location other than Google?

yes it has a simcard but ithink they already remove it... yes the last location went missing is in the market in our place


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report it to your sim card provider ( they might be able to track location before they pin it out ) plus if you have "find device" app installed and link to email, use it 

Plus did you send your phone to repair or it got lost from your store?

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I found this on reddit 

IMEI number

If your phone was stolen and the thief turned it off or did a factory reset, it may be impossible to recover your phone through the previous methods already discussed. Your best way to find your lost phone is its International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number and you may need help from your network operator and police services to get there.

You can also track your IMEI number through a lost or stolen phone database. Computer Village launched a unified database for this a few months ago. You can find your IMEI number on your phone, behind its battery or simply dial * # 06 #.