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latest update

Star III

I got this notification for an update... which I haven't done yet...

is it safe to do so?

update: my device now idles at 38c! what the?!! what kind of update makes the phone idle at 38c?? can't even play Honkai Impact, not with worrying about the device temp skyrocketing to 45c and above!

@Mattias_ASUSplease please please! tell the devs to send an update that will not destroy the phone!


I audio volume feels so low even on max. Quality is reduced too.

low volume? i need to re-pair my helmet intercom back to the phone, as the music was not played on the intercom although paired...

though, on another note: fermata has now appeared in android auto. it didn't appear before this. hope other things aren't going to be an issue... @Mattias_ASUS 

FYI from Github:

AA does not allow using sideloaded apps on the car headunit. Before A14 there was a workaround, that does not work anymore.

thanks for the info!

Possible their displays temperature - 1/2°C before display?