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last update for rog phone 7

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Hi, my firmware is on  33.0820.0810.217. Is there any update after this? If there is could someone send the download for it please as the security patch is on 1-July-2023 and I need to update this for work related. So if anyone has any recent update folder please let me know. Thank you and would appreciate any help. 


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You have delete appfiles and cache from the system update app and update again manual

Yeah, i went to the system app and deleted the storage and the cache but still nothing happened after restarting the phone. 

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Ok this is crazy

Normal is this the problem

More you cant do

Regular is this the solution

Your has no rooted device?

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Reboot not needed

After app file delete you have start manual update?

My device isnt rooted and ive checked for it, and ive just finished from factory resetting my device it still says the last update is firmware .217.