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Join here for a downgrade request to Android 13

Rising Star II

Apparently, many of us have been suffering from different issues like overheating , fps drop, what's app crashes , and so on, on Android 14 build no 70 for over 3 months now. 

We need to be heard everyone! Join us here and submit your issues. It's better if more of us tell them about these problems, so they react faster and realize that it's not just individual phones, we all have these problems.

@JimiK  @llfranco17ll @papyus @shxz 

I kindly ask you @Mattias_ASUS do sth for all of us. Ask dev team to give us an option to downgrade because none of these updates not only solve our issues but also it happens to cause us more issues.



Star III

I also have problems, triggers don’t work, What's app started not working. 

Rising Star II

Problems that I have faced/observed are low performance, delays in games, unstable fps that makes drastic drops, the device overheats very easily, some applications crash or do not work properly and the left airtrigger does not respond sometimes.

I have also noticed that the Android 14 system has also caused similar problems with other phone manufacturers, such as overheating and a decrease in performance. I think that the Android 14 system is not suitable for any game phones or phones that require high performance because the A14 system seems to limit performance for some reason.

It's been almost 4 months since we suffered with these problems and the updates haven't helped in fixing the necessary game features. How long do we have to wait to get our device back in working order? We are not asking you for anything other than to give us the opportunity to downgrade back to the stable Android 13 system because it did not have these problems and the phone worked perfectly. @Mattias_ASUS 

Star III

Yes, we need a downgrade option to Android 13, we are fed up with Android 14 which always has problems, updating it doesn't make it better but it gets more broken 🤬🤬

We need more users on this thread and have their says in.