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Firmware update.

Star I

Hi Everyone


Please advise if there is a latest version of the ROG 7 firmware. My one is sitting at 


Where I can get the updates if there is one.


Appreciate your help 




Hello! If your phone is not rooted then you should be able to download an update in your settings.
The latest update is 34.1010.0820.65

I just realised that I have Tencent ROG 7 model with ww rom :(. Any suggestions 

I just discovered that my ROG 7 is also made for CN with WW ROM, while investigating why it is not updating.

You should be able to manually update the phone, but in an incremental way. The "path" is:

121 -> 217 -> 225 -> 229 -> 232 -> 237 -> 241

I'm not aware of Asus providing these images at this moment, they usually only provide the last one. I was able to get them from xdaforums (225 to 241). More details here:

For 217 I found a link pointing to an asus server:

Rising Star II

Hi, I recommend you not to update to Android 14 yet because there are still a lot of problems here.