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display dull, high brightness & low contrast, red tint display with low light bellow 40 %..

Star I

I am facing a huge issue with the display, red color shift can easily seen all across the display area while scrawling.. also the display is bit reddish.. the display seems dull & also the brightness is high & contrast is low which is making the display looks blurry.

i am not using splendid mode or any other eye protection or any such features. still the above mentioned problems are with me..!!..

there is also issue with gyro delay.. as a professional e-sport player I can observe the difference while playing games like pubg comparing with my old asus zenfone 5z device keeping my gyro sensitivity at highest in rog7..!!..

I tried calibrating gyro sensor but it didn't helped me anyway


It's the exact same display, difference being you don't have the same motion chip however however it looks like the display circuit seems to be dying over time.