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Bug on Asus ROG 7

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My whatapps always hard push to talk and after recently update system, my phone charged 100% and green light indicator on but it never goes off after I unplug the wire. Battery drain faster after update  Fingerprint not accurate . 




Which firmware version are you on while having the green light issue? And are you using any battery saving features when experiencing this?
You can find the version by going to Settings -> System -> About phone -> Build number

Hi my firmware is ww_33.0820.0810.206. I never enable any battery saving mode

I don't think this a firmwares problem, you can simply take rog 7 ultimate version and charge It to 100% . You will see this fundamental problem.

The reason I always ask for the firmware is because I need that information to actually create a ticket to R&D, so they can test the issue in that firmware.

Also, the system will literally not let me send it as an issue if the right firmware version isn't written on it.

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Attachment is my firmwares, no saving mode.