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Battery life on ROG 7 with the new Android 14

Star I

How is everyone finding the battery life if you've moved to 14?

I updated on Saturday (2 days ago) at about 90% battery, I haven't recharged since and I'm still at 47%. It seems like something in the update basically doubled my battery life.

I used to be at roughly 35% at the end of a second day (about 35 hours since charging) to be at 47% after 48 hours is a massive improvement, especially since I didn't start with a full charge.

The extra large battery was a big part of why I bought this phone and now it's living up to that promise!


Rising Star I

Yes, I noticed myself that after the update the battery lasts longer, but otherwise the phone is now completely ruined and a pile of crap because none of the games work properly and the phone is full of problems anyway. Asus claims that the reason is in the games, even though there are no problems with other android 14 phones. Asus ruined the Rog 7 phones with a faulty Android 14 update and now they won't even fix it or do anything about it. We have asked for a rollback to Android 13 but they don't comment on it. Until a week ago, this was the best gaming phone I've used, but now I don't recommend Asus phones to anyone because you can't play games or anything else with it anymore.

Bro, what u even talking about they not fixing it? Let em cook bro.

The mods seem to be sending the issues and asking, which is a good sign

All the problems would be fixed by giving us the opportunity to go back to android 13, but they won't give it to us. Now we have phones over 1000 euros that do nothing at all.

Mine does have the mobile legends bang bang fps problem but besides that it works fine, did a reset after updating.