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Battery drain issue

Star II

Currently im on the latest firmware (.225)  but I notice that my rog 7 ult battery %  drains from 2%-4% in the span of 12hrs idle (overnight).  When im on the previous firmware before (.217), Im able to have almost none to 1% decrease overnight same with my rog 2 . So I compare my rog 2 and rog 7 ult's battery usage and I noticed that the "others" from my rog 7 consumes a lot compare to my rog 2's "other".  See pictures below for reference ( orange font is for rog 2 and purple font is for rog 7) . Bluetooth and Location are always turned off in both devices. Background process limit are set to 'no background processes' on rog 7 .



Star I

 I agree with this. The .225 update made the battery life suck. I am not able to se the screen on time when checking battery usage. I'm losing 3 to 5% of battery in a span of 10 hours idle at night. Armoury crate is always running. Hope this can be fixed on the next update.

Rising Star I

still there is no 225 firmware in the website to download.

Star I

Yep. Didn't saw it on the website too. I'm using rog 7 Ult. Kindly see attached file for the firmware. Hope they can fix it soon.