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Asus Rog phone 7 ultimate

Star III

I am using an fota a14 . I am getting updates and just updating it.But still performance remaining same there is so many FPS drops in CODM and PUBGM .I buy the mobile for perfomance but it was so much disappointing there is no performance and there are many bugs . please note this : just update the performance and user experience in mobile there is no squeeze vibration in asus rog phone 7 but it available in phone 2 after buying an 1300$ mobile what we get? I am sorry dispointed that asus has done. Just concentrate on stable Android 14 relese it .or just give us downgrade for A13 that's it.i don't have any hope on this 


Rising Star I

The same thing happens to me, please ask the moderator so he can report this problem, there are many users who demand a solution by releasing a new patch that corrects these errors. Thank you 

There are many many discussions here about this problem and many other problems that came in the A14 update and ruined Rog 7 phones. They released a fix update last Friday but still can't play with it anymore. They don't care.