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asus rog phone 7 oem unlock (Root)

Star I

Asus support, can you please help me? I'm about to regret buying the device. Why can't we unlock OEM?


Rising Star II

The answer is simple. Asus doesn't care about its customers and ruins the products less than a year after release with bad updates.

Star I

This is such a nonsense, I'm waiting for a technical explanation from someone in authority. Is anyone out there reading our problems?

Rising Star I

I'm getting happy thinking that it was my good decision not to buy this s h i t's ultimate version. At least saved a bit to be scammed from there.

Star II

Because they literaly don't care about us. I made a post like a year ago and all the representivs are saying is that they are aware "working on a fix" and all they did so far is delaying quater by quater and not giving any statements on why this is happening