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Asus ROG 7 stuck at November 2023 version

Star III


Can anyone help? Is this normal?

Both OS Update and Google Play System Update stuck in November 2023.

Thank you. 



It looks to me you are not receiving OTA updates, this happens when the phone is rooted as it loses support and warranty.

The next upcoming manual update will be the Android 14 one and you should be able to update with that one.

Thank you @Mattias_ASUS. I highly appreciate your attention and response. 

But, mine is not rooted or modified in any way. Purchased this phone around January 11, 2024.

The question is then: with this original state OS, how not to miss any OTA? I even joined the Beta program since I owned ROG 6 (owned it since October 2023).

It's sad to hear this, just hoping for the best. 

That's odd.
I could do a check on what's going on, if you send me a PM  with both the Serial Number and the IMEI I could get some status.
There have been people selling already rooted phones as "global" devices and they don't receive updates at all. Have you checked in Settings > System > System Update if there is any update to be downloaded?

Hello @Mattias_ASUS 

Thank you for your attention and response.

I purchased the phone from an authorized dealer here in Indonesia, so, I believe the phone was and is original Asus. The unit was still fully wrapped and did the unboxing in the store.

I have checked through the setting, every day actually hahaha, but see no available updates.

So, yeah, just sad to see this. I owned ROG 5, 5s, 6 through out the years and now 7. Never had a problem with the previous series, only this 7.