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ASUS launcher issues

Star III

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate, and I've been experiencing numerous problems with the ASUS launcher, including frequent crashes.

While utilizing the two-layer mode, I often encounter a situation where moving an app icon results in unintended duplication. Consequently, I end up with multiple instances of the app icon, each functioning independently and appearing in various locations and directories.
To resolve the duplication issue and prevent its recurrence, I find that I have to restart my phone. Unfortunately, this solution is temporary, as the problem tends to resurface upon subsequent usage.

Furthermore, there is an additional issue I've encountered. After adding an app to a directory (or a group of app icons) using the plus sign, if I navigate back outside the directory and attempt to move any other icon, the launcher crashes. Consequently, all the changes I made since the last restart (or any other potential saving points) are undone, requiring me to rearrange everything once again.
Similarly to the previous issue, the only temporary solution to address this issue is to restart the phone. However, it is worth mentioning that even though a phone restart can temporarily resolve this particular issue, the issue is likely to reoccur at a later time, requiring another restart to address it temporarily.

Additionally, there is a persistent bug that I have been reporting since the ROG Phone 3 (which also occurs on my wife's Zenfone 9). This issue specifically affects right-to-left (RTL) languages. When attempting to move an app icon within the app drawer (not on the main screen), the icons are mistakenly relocated to the wrong positions, appearing mirrored.
For instance, if I place an icon at the far left, it will end up on the far right instead. Similarly, an icon originally positioned as the second from the right will be placed as the second from the left, and so forth.

Please address those issues ASAP as they render the phone practically unusable. The constant need to restart the device every few hours is highly inconvenient and far from what can be considered a normal functioning state.

Thank you


The second recording highlights an additional issue that I hadn't mentioned before.
It pertains to the difficulty of moving an icon outside of a directory, which could potentially be related to the RTL issue.
Additionally, when the icon is finally moved outside, the launcher crashes, sometimes the launcher only crashes when I try to move another icon, as shown in the video.

Lastly, the third recording exhibits a situation where multiple instances of the same app (McAfee in this case) are present both outside of any directory and within multiple directories.
Please note that the app remains duplicated in each of those places.
As a result, I find myself with multiple instances of the same app in various directories.

Thank you

Hello @ToM_M and thanks for the information and the videos!


I have now sent this to R&D so they can look into it.

Thank you

@Mattias_ASUS Any news about that?