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Asus give us a downgrade option NOWWWWW

Rising Star I

Android 14 broke my phone my battery discharge is 74% my phone has abnormal frame drops on Android 14 and overheating issues I will never buy an Asus product again this is an disgrace Asus is disgusting company who breaks your phone on purpose so you upgrade to an newer device ASUS IS AN SCAM


Totally agree

Then they tell us that they want to help, but we don't see any help from Asus

So far none of their updates are useful, on the contrary, they only damage the phone.

And that's not helping, can you explain to me how you're helping us?    @Mattias_ASUS  

Rising Star I

Yeah no way doing that I sent the phone to Asus for a repair android 14 has broken my phone too late FU€#ING ASUS support is the baddest support I have ever seen they broke my 1400 dollar phone with their SH@t updates literally broke it and they say as an excuse no it should be an hardware related issue they don't admit it's their fault at all we are screaming our A$$ of for months they didn't listen now the day came my phone is sent for RMA they decide to do something? They ignore us for months is this a joke Asus NEVER AGAIN what a crap of a phone literally a joke of a phone they call it a gaming phone ? Even OnePlus 8 runs games smoother than this joke of a rog phone 7