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Android System Battery Drain

Zen Master I

Getting a huge battery drain from Android System. Usually the percentage isn't so high & is similar to the Kernel OS. Also, if I'm using an app for longer than usual, it goes above android system in battery usage (as it's being used heavily) however, since last few days android system is eating away at the battery. Anyone having a similar issue on Rog phone 7? Is this normal? Please see screenshot


It's only started happening since last week or so, before that it wasn't the case. Also noticed phone temp higher than usual which is coming from high android system battery usage 

I have always had high android system drain. It should be 1% or less. 

Many users complaining about the same issue bro, Android System has gotten worse with battery drain aswel as the excessive heating. Prior to the update, my phone wouldn't go past 30 degrees, now it's hitting 40 degrees with less intense usage . If you find a way to downgrade the software please let me know 🙏

As I said, it has always been a problem with the ASUS stock roms. They have always been way to high on the Android System usage. As mentioned before, it should be 1% or lower, ive had battery monitored on my sony for 3 days, android system takes 1% at max, this is something I've never seen on ASUS ever. 

This doesnt seem to have to much to do with an update but more an app/service that keeps the system alive. I think even after downgrade youll still see the battery drain, your only options is to wipe the OS and fresh install it. 


I managed to locate a RAW stock ROM, took 3 hours to download, so will do a full wipe and clean installation tomorrow. Judging by your reply, do you think it's an all that's causing it? Because I'm using gsam battery monitor with ADB permissions, and it's telling that Android System is causing the drain as opposed to a app/service. 


I will update once I've done a clean install and reinstalled all the same apps