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Aluminium finish/paint peeling off

Star I

Can someone explain why my less than 3 months rog phone 7 aluminium side black finish/paint is peeling off. Was it not an anodized aluminium? Now it looks like a bad painted or coated aluminium finish. It started with a small white dot which i noticed, then i start wiping to clean it. On another area above near volume button, the paint was clearly peeling. With a light touch, the paint came off, and it shows the white aluminium beneath it. And there are even more white dots on side and bottom aluminium. Though the picture shown in attached file is one of the worst.


Star III

Aluminum is a highly reactive metal sealed underneath its own durable oxide layer.  The paint is always on the oxide layer.  Some alcohols, detergents, and alkaline solutions will penetrate the oxide layer so the aluminum surface slowly turns to powder.   You could try warranty service if it hasn't been exposed to any of that.  It could be contamination before painting.

My various previous phones have shiny silver patches where the aluminum anodizing and dye wore off.  I don't worry about it.